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Provider Hub

iPhysicianHub™ enables doctors, hospitals, and other health care facilities to join the hub and connect with each other to setup local hubs and offer collaborative care to their patients. Hospitals or public health agencies can also setup medical neighborhoods and establish connectivity with the local doctors to securely share health information.


Any healthcare provider in the US can sign up for iSecure-Referral to securely send and receive patient referrals, including patient notes, test results, reports, insurance details, etc., so that the specialists and other healthcare providers have all the relevant information prior to patient’s visit. After patient consultation, doctors can also send notes to the primary care provider as well as other referring doctors so that they have up to date information for future care.

Improve Care & Reduce Cost

iSecure-Referral helps doctors to provide better care as they have access to all reports, including prior test results, medications, health conditions, reason for referral, etc. Apart from improving care and achieving better health outcomes through collaborative care, providers can avoid ordering duplicate tests or prescriptions as they will have access to prior test reports and notes, which can result in significant cost savings to the patients and insurers.

Mobile App

In addition to accessing iSecure-Referral through desktop, doctors can also download and use iSecure-Referral app from anywhere and anytime to send or receive referrals.

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Electronic Medical OfficeTM

Electronic Medical Office (EMO) platform enables providers to transition their offices to a paperless office, including practice management, labs, and e-prescriptions. more…


Download iHealth-Assistant App:

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iHealthAssistantTM enables the users to record and track their health problems, vitals, medications, etc., and share their reports with the doctors for diagnosis and treatment. The app also helps patients store their medical records, lab reports, prescription orders, etc., so they can easily share with any doctor. This greatly helps the doctors as they don’t have to struggle with lack of information for providing proper diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, the app enables patients to add emergency contacts to access and share health records in case of an emergency. This can be really useful to provide timely treatment, especially if the patient is unconscious or unable to share health information or if the health history is not readily available. more…

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